Selling minutes as a Service and Series

If your business sells services by the minute versus by specific modality, we recommend titling your Service to reflect that the client will be purchasing a session, versus a specific type of massage. This allows you to incorporate various techniques based upon the needs of the client. This also allows you to sell a Series of minutes that can be redeemed for any type of Service you choose. In the example below, a business' pricing structure equates to $1 per minute for 1 - 60 minute Services, and .75 cents per minute if they minutes are purchased in bulk.

  1. Set up a Service titled "30 Minute Massage - Varied Techniques" and set the price for $30.

  2. Create a Series for 300 minutes of Service time, you would enter the following:

    Display Name: Enjoy 25% off when your purchase 300 minutes of Service time
    Quantity: 10
    Retail Price: $300
    Sell Price: $225

  3. When booking the client's appointment, add the number of Services that equate to their appointment time. For example, you would book two of the 30 minute Services in the Series for a one hour massage. 

  4. The client's record will show 8 of 10 Services remaining in the Series.

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