How Do I Sell Series Minutes as Opposed to Sessions?

A Series is two or more of the same Service combined into one menu item, and the sessions are booked out across multiple appointments.

A Series is based off of one Service type. You cannot create a Series based on two or more Services.

You can book multiple sessions in one appointment, and each one's duration is based on the assigned Service.

If you allow clients to use their credit towards minutes or various Services instead, you can create a specific Service and build a Series around it. For example:

  • Add a 30 minute Service titled Various Techniques. 
  • Add a Series and base it around 10 Various Techniques. Title, price, and describe appropriately. 
  • When purchased, the client will have 10, 30 minute sessions for use. 
  • If the client wants a 60 minute appointment, book 2 sessions. If they want 90, book 3 sessions. And so on and so forth until all have been used and deducted.  
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