Campaigns: Emailing selected clients from your Client List

  1. Navigate to your Business tab.
  2. Select Clients.
  3. Select Filter. Zero results will display until you've selected filtering criteria.
  4. In the Filter by drop-down menu, select the criteria by which you want to filter your Client List. Note that multiple criteria filters are not exclusive of one another, meaning your results will narrow each time. Based on the criteria that you select, more fields will display to complete your search.
  5. Select Add to apply the filter. Select Remove to clear out criteria that you've added.

  6. If applicable, add additional criteria to further filter your Client List.

  7. Select Email to open up your Campaigns and send the selected clients an e-mail.

    Note: If your business is not on a Subscription Plan that includes Campaigns, the following modal will display when you attempt to Email or Export the selected clients.

  8. Select Create Campaign.
  9. Complete the steps to design and send your marketing email via the Campaigns feature.
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