Filtering Your Clients

The Filter tool in the Clients section of your Business Profile allows you to sort and view your Clients based on selected criteria. Once you've narrowed down your results, you can add Tags to that group, send a targeted email to those Clients, or export the list to a spreadsheet. 

To use the tool and to filter your Clients, navigate to your:

  1. Business Profile. 
  2. Select Clients
  3. Select Filter at the top of your list to get started. By default, zero results will show until you've added at least one filter.
  4. Select the Filter By dropdown menu to view the available options.
  5. Choose a filter. Depending on the one you select, more dropdown menus and fields may appear. 
  6. Once all requirements for that filter are complete, select Add to apply it. The number of results will update accordingly. To delete it, select Remove instead.
  7. To add another filter, select the +Add Criteria dropdown menu and repeat steps 5 - 6. Note: Filters are not exclusive of one another, meaning results will narrow each time you add one. If two filters are added, a Client must fall under both to be included.
  8. Choose what you want to do with your results:    
    • Select Email > Create Campaign to send a Campaign to those Clients.
    • Select Download to export the list to a spreadsheet and to save it as a CSV file to your device.


  • You must be subscribed to either the Marketing or Master Plan to send a Campaign.  
  • Select Filter at the top of your list to remove all filters and to reset your Clients.
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