Business Dashboard Widgets

The widgets on your Business Dashboard display a snapshot of your business' activity, including features that you have enabled, how effective your marketing efforts are at driving new business, how your listing is performing in the Search Directory, and how much income is being generated for your business. As the business owner, you can control which widgets display and in what order they are arranged.

Note: Sales Activity is currently set to EST. 

By default, all widgets will be enabled. To hide a widget, select Dashboard Settings and deselect the checkbox next to the widget that you wish to disable. 

Business Setup

The Business Setup widget displays items that are required for publishing your Business Listing the MassageBook Directory. Selecting the circle for the incomplete areas will open up that specific area of the application where you can complete it. When all four areas show in green, your Business Listing is complete and will display automatically in the MassageBook Search Directory. 

Items Needing Your Attention

The Items Needing Your Attention widget acts as your personal MassageBook assistant. Whether it's pending items that need to be completed within your account or a friendly reminder to create an upcoming holiday campaign, this area will offer simple suggestions to ensure you're on top of your game! Select the Do it button to complete the task! Be sure to check this area often, as the suggestions keep you up-to-date with your growing account.


The Income widget displays the revenue generated from all checked out appointments and cash register transactions since the 1st of the month, and resets on the first day of the following month. The default monthly goal is set to $1,000 but can be modified by the business owner so that it accurately reflects your business' monthly sales goal. 

Note: Revenue is based on the date of check-out, and not necessarily the date of the appointment. 

The income widget allows you to:

  • Set a monthly revenue goal for your business
  • See the daily amount of sales needed to reach your monthly revenue goal
  • View how well you are tracking towards reaching each day's revenue goal 

To set your monthly sales goal, simply click inside the box displaying the current value and enter your amount. Click outside of the box to save your changes. 

Your progress towards reaching your goal is reflected in the widget's Sales chart.

The grey line represents your business' monthly revenue goal.

The blue line shows the current cumulative revenue numbers for the business across each day of the month. This includes all the total number of Sales for all Service Providers working for your business.

Hover your the cursor of your mouse over each day to view your daily sales goal and your current progress. 

Booking Activity

The Booking Activity widget displays the total number of appointments booked within the past 30 days, as well as the total monetary value of those appointments booked within the past 30 days. Appointments are segmented by booking source so that you can see the results of your various marketing efforts. 

  • Booked by business: Booked by you or your Staff via your MassageBook Business Schedule. 
  • MassageBook: Client booked an appointment on your MassageBook Business Listing via the MassageBook Directory or through the client's MassageBook client account. 
  • Facebook: Client booked an appointment via Facebook Connect on your business' Facebook page. 
  • Book Now button: Client booked an appointment from your personal website via Website Integration tools.  
  • Campaigns: Client booked an appointment directly from a button found on an Email Campaign or Autopilot. 

Note: In order to accurately show you how effective your marketing efforts are during a set time period, the Booking Activity snapshot does not take into account the date of the appointment or whether or not the appointment has been checked out. For example, if you scheduled an appointment for a client for 2 months out, and set it to recur 10 times, you would see all 10 appointments and the total cost of those appointments accounted for.


The Clients widget shows the number of unique clients who have booked an appointment with your business within a given time period.

This Month displays the number of unique clients who have booked an appointment with your business since the 1st of the month and resets on the first day of the following month.

YTD displays the total number of unique clients for the year, beginning in January.

New clients refers to clients who have booked online or have been added by your business and have one appointment on the Schedule. Note: New clients with cancelled appointments will not display.

Repeat clients refers to existing clients who have previously had an appointment with your business, or new clients with recurring appointments on the Schedule.


The Reputation widget shows your the overall Review score, local rank, and the total number of reviews for the business.

Local Rank is an algorithm based on both distance and your activity in MassageBook. The criteria is a combination of the following:

  • The distance of the Business or Service Provider from the Searcher (middle of the zip code). 
  • The average MassageBook Review score for your Business or you, as a Service Provider.  
  • If your Business or Service Provider account is able to accept online bookings. 
  • Number of days since you last logged in.


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