What Should I Do if a Client Books and Prepays for Another Client?

A prepaid appointment cannot be transferred from one Client to another. If Client A books and prepays for Client B but under Client A's record, you can:

  • Cancel Client A's appointment. Choose to not send a cancelation notice. 
  • When a prepaid Service is canceled, it's added back to the Credits section of the Client's record for booking at another time. Go to the Credits section of Client A's record, and select to Remove the Service that was added. 
  • Go to the Account section of Client B's record, and Apply Store Credit. Enter the amount that Client A prepaid. 
  • Book a new appointment for Client B. 
  • Use Client B's Store Credit to complete checkout. 

The prepayment will remain in Client A's record, and the Store Credit will not add any new income. 

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