Understanding the MassageBook Visibility Index

What is the Visibility Index?

“NAP” stands for “Name, Address, and Phone Number,” and in Local Search (the art of getting your business to show up when people near you search for words related to your business), it’s one of the most important factors there are. MassageBook's Visibility Index allows you to measure how effective your business listings across the web are at boosting your local search rank. When you connect each account to your MassageBook Visibility Index, you can view what NAP errors need correcting. 

Just know, this page is used for YOU to manage and keep track of your connections across various social media networks. Any issues detected aren't publicly viewable, and when a connection is made, your SEO is successfully implemented; the issues are just suggestions.

Why is it Important?

The way that Google and other search engines identify a business wherever it’s listed around the web is to look at its Name, Address, and Phone Number, taken as a single business entity. The more frequently this NAP is found around the web, the greater importance search engines give that business. Each time your NAP is listed - whether on your website, other websites or online directories - that listing is called a “citation.” The greater the number of citations your business has, the better your website and your directory listings will do in search engine results.

Our recommendation

If your business has multiple phone numbers or multiple locations, we recommend picking one to use on your website and directory listings. Enter it on your MassageBook website, and use the same NAP, in EXACTLY the same format, any time you list your business on directories or social media sites.

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