Why won't my ABMP number activate?

In order to validate your ABMP number, your first and last name must match what ABMP has on file and your membership with ABMP must be active. If you need to temporarily change your name in MassageBook so that it matches what ABMP has on file, you can do so under the My Details section of your Personal Listing or by selecting.

Below are reasons why an ABMP will not activate in MassageBook.

  1. Incorrect Member Number

    If your name is in the ABMP database, but the number is incorrect, you will see an Incorrect member number message.

  2. Incorrect Member Name

    If the number you enter is correct, but the name does not match what is on file for that number in the ABMP database, you will see a message prompting you to change your name in MassageBook so that it matches your name in the ABMP database.

  3. No Membership Exists

    If neither the name nor the number are correct, you will see a Member not found message.

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