Upgrading from One Premium Subscription to Another Premium Subscription

When you upgrade your subscription from one Premium Plan to another Premium Plan, your credit card will not be charged until your next renewal date. However, you will have access to the premium features included in your new Plan immediately. On your next Renewal Date, you will be credited for the unused days on your previous Subscription Plan and charged for the days you were on your new Subscription Plan. 

  • On 1/5, you subscribe to the Marketing Plan. You pay for access to the features on the Marketing Plan from 1/5 to 2/5.
    • You pay: $24.99
  • On 1/10, you upgrade from the Marketing Plan to the Master Plan. You are not charged when you select the plan; you pay for access to the features on the Master Plan from 1/10 to 2/5 when your subscription renews on 2/5.
  • On 2/5, your Renewal Date, the following takes places:
    • You are charged $29.99 for access to the features on the Master Plan from 2/5 to 3/5.
    • You are credited $20.95 (.80 cents per day for 26 days) for your unused days on the Marketing Plan (1/10 - 2/5).
    • You are charged $24.96 (.96 cents per day for 26 days) for the days you were on the Master Plan (1/10 - 2/5).
  • The amount due on 2/5 will be $34.00.
  • On 3/5, you will be charged $29.99 as usual for access to features on the Master Plan from 3/5 - 4/5.

Follow the steps below to upgrade your Subscription. 

  1. Navigate to your Business tab.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Select Plans and Billing.
  4. Choose the Select button under the Subscription Plan that you want to subscribe to.
  5. If you have not yet entered your credit card information, add it in the section titled Billing Information.
  6. Ensure the correct Subscription displays in the Selected Subscription drop-down. 
  7. Select Confirm Change.

  8. Your credit card will be charged on your next Renewal date. The charge will be listed under Billing History.
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