What Happens to Premium Features at the End Your Free 30 Day Trial

Your first 30 days on the Master Subscription Plan are completely free! This allows you to try out all of MassageBook's bells and whistles for a solid month before choosing which Subscription Plan best suites your business needs. 

During your Free Trial, you will have the option to select a Premium Plan that includes the features you desire to keep. If you have not selected a Premium Plan by the conclusion of your Free Trial, you will be placed back onto the Free Plan. 

You might be thinking: So what happens to all of the good stuff I've set up after my Free Trial ends? Do I lose it forever? Is it accessible? 

Read the answer, below!

Premium SOAP Notes

All Premium Notes created during your Free Trial will remain Premium (this includes any edits made after your Free Trial, as well). At the conclusion of your Free Trial, if you have not selected a Subscription Plan that includes Premium SOAP Notes, all new notes will be created using the Basic version of SOAP Notes.

Email Campaigns

Your Campaign history will stay in tact, but it will not be viewable to you until you select a Subscription Plan that includes Email Campaigns.

Gift Certificates

Any outstanding Gift Certificates can redeemed with no problem at all! "Gift Certificate" will continue to remain a payment option via both your Cash Register and Business Listing for as long as you have unredeemed Gift Certificates. While the Gift Certificates section of your Marketing tab will be inaccessible, you can manage your existing Gift Certificates via your Sales tab > Reports > Gift Certificates.

Client Intake Forms

All previously completed Client Intake Forms will be inaccessible until you have selected a Subscription Plan that includes Client Intake Forms. At that time, you will be able to view forms completed during your Free Trial.

Custom Service Menu Photos

All custom photos assigned to your Service Menu will be replaced with the image placeholder until you have a selected a Subscription Plan that includes Custom Service Menu Photos. At that time, you will be able to reassign your custom photos to your Service Menu items.

If you downgrade your subscription plan to a plan that does not include Custom Service Menu photos, then any uploaded photos will be removed. If you upgrade your plan to the Master Plan, then those previously uploaded photos will display, allowing you to reassign them to your services. 











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