Choosing a Subscription Plan before your Trial expires

MassageBook does not require a credit card to activate a Free 30 Day Trial of the Master Plan. At the conclusion of your Free Trial, you will automatically be placed back on the Free Plan if you have not entered in your billing information. 

To ensure that your business does not lose access to premium features that you have enjoyed during your Trial, we recommend adding your billing information before your Free Trial ends. At the conclusion of your Trial, your credit card will be charged the amount of the Subscription Plan you have selected. 

  1. Navigate to your Business tab.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Select Plans and Billing.
  4. Select Billing.
  5. Enter your credit card information under the section titled Billing Information

    Note: The credit card number entered here is not used for any purpose other than payment for your monthly Subscription Plan. 

  6. Select Save.
  7. If you want to subscribe to a plan other than the Master Plan, make your selection from the Selected Plan drop-down menu. A note will display indicating that access to the plan will take effect immediately, but you will not be charged for it until your Free 30 Day Trial has concluded. 

  8. The date that your Subscription renews and the amount due at that time will display.


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