Emailing a SOAP Note as a .PDF from your personal SOAP Notes

Saving and emailing your SOAP Notes is a requirement in today's technological society. You need to 1) have a backup copy of the SOAP Notes you create and 2) be able to email your professional SOAP Notes to insurance companies, health care professionals, etc. Here's how you can do that with Adobe.

  1. Navigate to your Personal tab.
  2. Select SOAP Notes.
  3. Select the business from the drop-down if multiple Business Listings exist. 
  4. Locate the Note in the Recent Notes section to the right or use the Search Clients tool.
  5. Select Print.
  6. Choose whether to print with anatomical images, or the text of the Note only.

  7. Your computer's Print options will display. Under Destination, select Change. Choose the option to Save as PDF. Note: The way these options display vary based on your computer's operating systems.

  8. Select Save.

  9. View your SOAP Note in Adobe and select File.
  10. Select Send File to email your SOAP Note.
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