Why am I seeing only some of my appointments sync?

If you are seeing some of your Google events - but not all - take the following into consideration.

  1. Verify that the event is on the correct Google Calendar. Google allows you to view and book appointments for across all calendars in one single view. For this reason, it is easy to place an appointment on a different Google calendar than the one you have synced with MassageBook.  
  2. If the event is on the correct calendar, ensure that you have "read-write permissions" enabled on the calendar and / or appointment. Read-only events are defined as events that can be viewed only, and not edited. Read-Only events will not sync from Google to MassageBook.
  3. All-day or Multi-day events do not sync to MassageBook.
  4. Appointments more than 30 days in the past and 90 days into the future do not sync in either direction. 
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