Correcting issues detected by the SEO Visibility Index

While MassageBook does a majority of the work for you, there are still a few parts that you can do to help. A single click and the Visibility Index helps you identify opportunities to promote your business and website through other influential web sites and directories. With help each step of the way, you’ll soon get your score maximized and add even more fuel to boost your business result in Google and other local search results! 

Sometimes, you might notice "issues" detected or your score being less than 100%.

Ensure you've completed the following steps to minimize the number of issues detected. Just know, this page is used for YOU to manage and keep track of your connections across various social media networks. Any issues detected aren't publicly viewable, and when a connection is made, your SEO is successfully implemented; the issues are just suggestions.

1. Has MassageBook Connected to the Network?

In order to be "MassageBook Connected", ensure you've entered your MassageBook business name, address and phone number in a recognizable format. Ensure a street number, street name, city, state, zip code and area code (for the phone number) are listed.

2. Is your Yelp or Citysearch Listing "Claimed"?

"Claiming" your listing in MassageBook means we've found a page in the network you're requesting a connection to. When the "Claim" button still displays, it means the network we've made a request to has responded stating no one is actively managing the page/listing. 

Note: Only Yelp and Citysearch have listings that need to be claimed in order to have a full connection.

For Yelp, a connection can only be made when there is at least one public review on the account. If Yelp has not verified the review or has not recommended the review, a connection cannot be made. 

3. Does your MassageBook Business Name, Address and Phone Number Format Match the Network's? 

Red text displaying in the "Listing Info" column means there is a mismatch between your MassageBook business name, address and phone number format and the network's. Compare the two and correct inconsistencies such as: leading/trailing spaces, punctuation, capitalization, abbreviations/spelling out words.

Note: It's helpful these fields are an exact match, but if they're not, it's nothing of concern. This doesn't display publicly and is for your personal reference for consistency across business network connections.   

4. Other

For Yelp, Google and Foursquare, MassageBook displays the top search result for their existing, network listings based on your info. For this reason, you might see a business that's not actually yours; don't be alarmed! You're not actually linked to this listing until you select "Connect" and enter your information. The information provided by Google and Foursquare is simply a suggestion. 

If your Visibility Index is displaying the incorrect business name when you're "MassageBook Connected", this is likely due to some restrictions in terms of what Google provides us. While we're connected to your correct business on the backend, what we display on the Visibility Index is meant to give you a sense of what clients would see when searching for you via Google Places. Your business not being the top result is probably due to inactivity, so we'd recommend using your Google Places page more often! Over time, you should see the business name displayed change as you work your way to the top of search results.

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