Setting Up Your Bluetooth Credit Card Reader

  1. Turn on the bluetooth card reader by holding down the power button (located on the bottom of the card reader) for two seconds.

    If the light is blinking green, the reader is on and you’re ready to pair it with your phone or tablet.
    If the light is blinking red, the reader device is low on battery and will likely need to be charged soon.

  2. Enable bluetooth on your phone or tablet. In most cases, this will be found under the Settings section of your device. 

    iOS Users: You'll likely see the MassageBook credit card device display once you are on the checkout page.

    Android Users: On the bluetooth Settings page, you will see a list of connected and available devices. Locate “MassageBook CCR” under available devices and tap on it to begin the pairing.

    If you are asked for a pairing key, enter “1234”. MassageBook CCR should now be listed under available devices and is ready to use.

Note: You should only need to pair your card reader a single time. In the future, your phone will automatically detect the card reader and connect to it once it is turned on.


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