Checking Out a Client with the Bluetooth Mobile Credit Card Reader

  1. From the MassageBook Pro app, check out a client as usual and select Credit Card as method of payment.

  2. Tap the Connect button and the app will search for the device. 

  3. When the device is connected, the light on the reader will change to a steady green and a message on your phone or tablet will say Ready to swipe. If presented with permission requests, please approve as they are required for the card reader device to work correctly. 

  4. Swipe the card in the direction indicated by the arrow on the card reader. Upon a successful swipe, you will automatically be taken to the tip screen. At this point, hand the phone or tablet to your client for them to sign and select a tip amount.

Note: Stripe, the payment processor MassageBook uses, does not yet support smart “chip” cards. Once Stripe enables smart chip reading, you’ll be able to “dip” smart cards with your reader. Stay tuned to our bi-weekly release notes for updates.


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