Purchasing a Credit Card Reader

MassageBook offers two credit card readers to make the check-out process fast and easy for your clients! Please note that these are the only credit card readers that are compatible with your account and supported by MassageBook. You can purchase either reader directly from your account's Shop tab. Don't forget to use your 2Bucks points to save money on your purchase!

  1. Login to your MassageBook account.
  2. Select Shop.

  3. Select Shop iKnead.

  4. Select Other > Credit Card Readers on the left. 
  5. Select the option for the Mobile Card Swiper or the USB Credit Card Reader.
  6. Enter the Quantity you wish to purchase.
  7. Select Add to Cart.

  8. Select Checkout on the success modal that displays.
  9. Select Continue.

  10. Select a Shipping Address and Continue.
  11. Apply any available 2Bucks points and continue with payment for the remaining balance.
  12. Select Complete Purchase
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