Booking a recurring Outcall or traveling appointment

In order to book Out-Call appointments in MassageBook, you must either own or work for a Business that has at least one Out-Call Service set up in their Business Service Menu. You will also need to indicate the Travel Time required to and from an appointment in your Out-Call Settings. If you are not the Business Owner, but a Staff member, you will need to be granted permission to the Business Schedule. If you wish to make a standing out-call appointment for a client, you can do so by selecting Repeat at the time of appointment creation. If you need to make a change to a single appointment in a recurrence, you can do so without modifying all appointments.

  1. Navigate to your Business tab.
  2. Select Schedule.
  3. Click a desired Date and Time.
  4. Select Book Appointment.

  5. If you offer both In-Office and Out-Call appointments, your appointment type will default to Office Appointment. Change this by selecting Out-Call Appointment from the drop-down.

  6. Complete the fields on the appointment modal:
  • In the space marked Search Existing Clients, type in an existing client's name (enter three letters for matching results to display), or select Add New to add a brand new client. The client that you enter in this field is assigned to the appointment.
  • Confirm the Date and Time that you selected, or use the Date Selector to choose an alternate appointment time.
  • Select Repeat.
  • Enter how often this appointment occurs. If every day, select Repeats Every 1 Days. If every Monday of the month, select Repeats Every 7 Days. If it ends after a certain number of appointments, select Ends After. If it ends on a specific date, select Ends Date and choose the date using the calendar. 
  • If the client has an address already on file in your Client List, it will populate. If the appointment is to be performed at a different location, you can make changes without modifying the address on file. 
  • Choose the Staff member who will be performing the service from the drop-down. Note: All active Staff members will display, whether or not they are assigned to the Service being performed.
  • Select the Out-Call Service from all active Service Menu items. Note: Services are categorized based on the Technique Type. Pre-Paid Services already on file for the client will display first. You must have an Out-Call Service Menu in order to book an Out-Call appointment.
  • Select the Duration. Only the durations that you have set up in your Service Menu for the service will display. If only one duration exists, it will be selected by default.
  • Select Add Service if multiple services are being performed by the Staff member during this appointment.
  • Select Add Travel Time to view the existing Travel Time assigned to the Staff member in their Out-Call Settings. Change it for this appointment only without affecting existing or future appointments where the same Staff member is performing the service. 
  • Select Add Appointment Notes to record important information and reminders all appointments in the recurrence. 
  • Choose whether the client receives a Confirmation and Reminder email. The confirmation email is triggered once the Save button is selected. The reminder email sends at the time specified in your Business Settings > Outgoing Messages. If both of these are selected in your global Outgoing Message Settings, the boxes will be selected by default. Change it for this appointment only without affecting the message settings of existing or future appointments. 
  • Select Save.

  • The appointment will display a "Repeats" icon on your Schedule, and hovering over it will display a Quick-View of its details. This time is now unavailable for any clients who are attempting to book an appointment online with this Service Provider.

  • The client's Booking Activity will display all future appointments on the schedule for the client.

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