Adjusting an Invoice

If you need to correct an error you made on an invoice, you can edit a receipt via the Adjust Invoice tool on the client's invoice in your Sales Activity. If you are a Staff member, you will need access to the business' Sales section.

  1. Navigate to your Business tab.
  2. Select Sales.
  3. Under your Sales Activity, locate the correct invoice for the client. You may need to expand the date range or search for the client by name depending on how long ago the client paid.
  4. Select Adjust Invoice at the top of the invoice. 
  5. Complete the fields in the window that displays. Note the following.
    • To decrease the total of the invoice, enter a hyphen before the amount that you want to reduce the total by. You cannot decrease the invoice by more than the original amount. 
    • To increase the total of the invoice, enter the amount you want to increase the total by.
    • When adjusting an entry with multiple payment types, you can only adjust the total amount, not the amount assigned to a specific payment type. 

The updated invoice will show the original subtotal, the adjusted amount, the new total, and the reason for the adjustment. You can perform multiple adjustments per invoice if needed. Each refund type and explanation will appear on the invoice.

Note the following rules that apply to adjusting invoices paid for by credit card.

  1. You cannot adjust down any amount that was paid for by credit card. For example, if a $100 service was paid for with $70 cash and $30 charged to the credit card, the invoice can only be reduced by $70, which is the amount that was paid for in cash. 
  2. If the entire transaction was paid for via credit card, you must use the refund tool to decrease the total. 
  3. If you are increasing the total for a transaction paid for via credit card, the additional amount is NOT charged to the client's card. The adjusted entry tool simply allows you to make adjustments to the total; it does not run the card again. 
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