Issuing a refund to a client

If you need to issue a refund to a client, you can do so via the Refund tool on the client's invoice in your Sales Activity. If you are a Staff member, you will need access to the business' Sales section. 

  1. Navigate to your Business tab.
  2. Select Sales.
  3. Under your Sales Activity, locate the correct invoice for the client. You may need to expand the date range or search for the client by name depending on how long ago the client paid.
  4. Select Refund on the bottom of the invoice. 
  5. Complete the fields in the window that displays.
    • Select how you will use the refund in the Refund Method field.
    • Enter the Refund Amount to be refunded. The amount cannot be greater than the original amount.
    • Enter a Reason for why you are issuing a refund. This will display on the invoice.
    • Select Process Refund.

The updated invoice will show the original subtotal, the refunded amount, the new total, and the reason for the refund. You can issue multiple refunds per invoice if needed. To do so, repeat the refund process for each payment method. Each refund type and explanation will appear on the invoice.

Note the following rules that apply to refunding credit card transactions.

  1. Only transactions paid with a credit card through MassageBook can be refunded to a credit card. If the transaction was not paid with a credit card, Credit Card will not show as an option for refund payment method. Once you have issued a credit card refund, it can take 7-10 days to process and post to your client's account.
  2. Refunds via credit card are issued to the credit card that was charged (and only to credit cards that have been processed through MassageBook). Transactions paid by credit card can be refunded by Credit Card, Cash, Check, or Store Credit. Transactions paid by Cash, Check or Store Credit can be refunded by Cash, Check or Store Credit.
  3. Transactions paid with multiple credit cards cannot be refunded within MassageBook. Please contact for assistance with the refund.
  4. Credit card refunds cannot exceed the amount originally charged to a credit card. An error message will appear if attempting to refund a credit card more than the amount charged to the card.
  5. Credit card processing fees and New Client Fees are not returned to the business unless the total value of the credit card sale is refunded to the credit card. Please contact MassageBook Support regarding New Client Fees for partially refunded transactions.  
  6. If a US business is refunding a Canadian card, the amount returned to the client is based upon the exchange rate for the day of the refund. This means that if there is a period of time between when a card is charged and when a card is refunded, the amount that posts back to the client's bank account could be less or more than what they originally paid. The client can clear it up with their bank to receive the correct amount.



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