Blocking time at one or more business locations for multiple days

If you want to block off multiple days for a vacation, holiday travel, or just time away from the office, you can add Blocked Time via your Personal Schedule. While a client will be unable to schedule appointments during time that you have blocked off, you can override this time slot when booking via the Business Schedule if needed. 

  1. Navigate to your Personal tab.
  2. Select My Schedule. Note: If you own one business location, your Personal Schedule will re-direct to your Business Schedule.  
  3. Click a desired Date and Time
  4. Select Modify Availability.
  5. Ensure you are on the tab for Block Time.
  6. Set the parameters for the Start Time and End Time that you want to block. Select which Business Location(s) you want the blocked time to apply to. Add Notes if applicable.
  7. Select Repeat.
  8. Enter how often this Blocked Time event occurs. If every day, select Repeats Every 1 Days. If every Monday of the month, select Repeats Every 7 Days.
  9. If it ends after a certain number of appointments, select Ends After
  10. If it ends on a specific date, select Ends Date and choose the date using the calendar. 

  11. Select Save.
  12. Your Blocked Time events will display on your Personal Schedule (one block for each business the Blocked Time applies to) and the Business Schedule(s) selected so that you are unavailable to see clients.

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