Adding Repeating Blocked Time

Use repeating Blocked Time to add multiple events at once.

For example, if you're going on vacation for a week, you can create one event and add it to every day during that week. Or, if you have a biweekly meeting during a set time, you can create one event and add it every two weeks. 

To add repeating Blocked Time, navigate to your: 

  1. Personal Profile.
  2. Select My Schedule. Note: If you're connected to only one Business Profile and you're the only Staff, My Schedule will automatically direct you to the Business Schedule. 
  3. Locate the date and time you want to block first.    
  4. Select the calendar to create a new event. 
  5. Select Modify Availability to begin filling in the Block Time details. 
  6. Use the date picker to change the Date if needed.
  7. Select the From dropdown menu to choose a start time. 
  8. Select the To dropdown menu to choose an end time.  
  9. Check Repeat
  10. Enter a quantity in Every for how often it repeats. 
  11. Select the Day(s) / Week(s) dropdown to specify if the quantity is days or weeks. 
  12. Select the Ends dropdown to choose if the recurrence ends after X amount of events or a specific date.  
  13. If After, enter a quantity in events. If Date, use the date picker to choose a date. 
  14. Check which Businesses to apply the repeating time to.
  15. Add a Reason (optional).  
  16. Select Save to add all events in the recurrence to the calendar and to return to My Schedule.

For example, if adding an event that happens every day for two weeks, enter Every 1 Day and Ends After X Date. 

Alternatively, you can add repeating Blocked Time by navigating to your Business Profile > Schedule > Modify Availabilty Block Time

Note: You can only create repeating events based on a set number of days or weeks. You cannot specify something like the first Thursday of the month.

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