Removing One-Off Availability

Whether the availability has been added for you by the business you work for, or you have a complex schedule that varies week to week, you can manage your modified availability across all locations right from your Availability tab. If you are no longer available to work for an additional date that was added to your schedule, you have the option of either blocking time, or removing the block of availability altogether. This article will cover removing availability that was added for a specific date.

  1. Navigate to your Personal tab.
  2. Select Availability.
  3. Select the tab for Modified Availability.
  4. Next to Show, select the Place of Business for the availability that you want to remove. 
  5. Use the Date Selector to choose a From Date and To Date in order to filter your results. All Modified Availability for that date range will display below.
  6. Locate the date and select the x to the far right of the availability block.

  7.  Select Confirm to remove the availability. 

  8. The date and time will no longer be available for online booking, and you will not display as available on the Business Schedule where you had previously been scheduled to work.  
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